Posted by: dowsmallgroups | 31/03/2010

Becoming Catholic…

Late last year I was asked to be a godparent to a friend, not a friend’s child, but a lovely lady who was getting ready to go to secondary school as I was getting ready to be born. Adult receptions into the Church fascinate me.

Over the past few months I’ve been going to the Journey in Faith group (RCIA) at my local parish – sharing Scripture, learning about the faith and putting in what I can. Some of the stories that those wanting reception into the Church tell at these sessions are remarkable. Remarkable too in the context of the relationship that the Church and society ‘enjoy’ at present.

On the first weekend of Lent we went up to St George’s Cathedral, Southwark for the Rite of Election. The current diocesan administrator, Bishop John Hine, gave a strong homily on the journey, the accompanying and, what most stuck in my mind, the impulse behind their request for reception into the Church. He said the following:

As I look out over this great congregation, it is fascinating to think that each one of you here has your own story, your own life story, your own faith story. How did you come to this moment? Why are you sitting here preparing yourself for the final stage to become a full Catholic? What moments of grace have there been along the way? What has turned your mind and heart towards taking this step? So often God uses people – people we love and admire – to be the trigger. But, whoever may have helped us, in the end it is always God’s call.

As a cradle Catholic I wonder whether I would have found my way here. I often think of those people ‘of faith’ who have had a profound influence on me. Perhaps today we can take a moment to thank God for those who have shown us Christ’s way and ask God for the strength, especially today, to do the same for others.


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