Posted by: dowsmallgroups | 08/06/2010

What makes you happy? (2)

The current economic crisis has had many people redefine their goals and reassert the value of the non-material over the past few months. Forthcoming cuts and belt-tightening will, we are warned, affect everyone and not, I am sure, in equal measure.

A swift reevaluation of our circumstances, of our lives as a whole is needed (even daily) to see what we need to do to be happy. To see what may be missing from our lives.

It is something of a truism that fundamentally we are happy when we truly reflect who we are, not what we do or what we have.

So, who are we?

When Aristotle writes that ‘man by nature is a political animal’ (Politics, Book One), the word he uses is ‘politikos’ from which we get the English word political. The actual Greek meaning, however, is a little deeper. To be ‘politikos’, was to be a member of the ‘polis’, a citizen. Being a citizen, while certainly implying participation in various political responsibilities, was more about being a part of society; contributing to the good of the whole. Living with and for others.

Each one of us is created in the image of God. God who is Trinitarian, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At the heart of God is relationship. St. Augustine writes of the Spirit as the love which binds together the Trinity. God is not isolated or isolating.

For sure there are times when we want or need to be alone but happiness is surely found in relationship with God and with others.


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