Posted by: dowsmallgroups | 16/09/2010

What sort of message do we give out?

Just a short thought!

Over the past few months there have been several negative stories in the newspapers and on the radio, TV and internet surrounding the Papal Visit to Great Britain. All kinds of allegations have been made, many highly personal and often ill-founded (along the lines of: while ordinary Catholics are OK the Pope needs arresting etc.). So too have there been allegations that the ‘secular media’ have an agenda to polarise the population and attempt to relegate religion from the public sphere, removing it from our national narrative – or if it remains, it remains as an oddity.

The word ‘media’, means a method of communication but it shares its root with the words ‘mediate’ and ‘mediator’, which give the idea of being or standing in between the subject and those who will receive the message. Thus, in a very real way we are ‘media’. We are responsible for transmitting the truth of God’s love in Jesus Christ to those around us until such time they allow him to enter into their hearts and understand his love for each one of us directly.



  1. This is a good insight. Indeed in different countries in different degrees the secular media are trying to remove or marginalize religion from the national narrative.

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